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We use our experience in the fields of TV, DVD and Radio production, Music Journalism and Film/Video Direction to create the most versatile music production outfit in the UK. More info

Award winning Film.

Upside Down: The Creation Records Story

• Mojo Vision Award - 2011.

• Best Film/ NME writers - 2011.

Award winning Radio.

Angel of Harlem: Billie Holiday by Billy Crystal.

• Sony Radio Award - 2010. Listen now

News - Upside Down Needs You

this bring in the new picture, put back when requiredUpside Down Needs You

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'Alive & Kicking'

Had a blast filming Simple Minds in Glasgow.

'Electric Dreams'

Check out our two programmes on Giorgio Moroder.

'Becoming Mr Nice'

Our Howard Marks TV doc recently aired to critical acclaim on BBC2

'Oh My God'

Had a blast filming the Kaiser Chiefs.