The Company

We use our experience in the fields of TV, DVD and Radio production, Music Journalism and Film/Video Direction to create the most versatile music production outfit in the UK. More info

Award winning Film.

Upside Down: The Creation Records Story

• Mojo Vision Award - 2011.

• Best Film/ NME writers - 2011.

Award winning Radio.

Angel of Harlem: Billie Holiday by Billy Crystal.

• Sony Radio Award - 2010. Listen now

Electric Dream: the Giorgio Moroder Story...For more

• New York Festivals - 2014. Listen now

News - Crestion Film - Available to order

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'Alive & Kicking'

Simple Minds don't make a film every day...

The Story of Punk

Check out our two part history of punk for Radio 2

'Becoming Mr Nice'

Our Howard Marks TV doc recently aired to critical acclaim on BBC2

'Oh My God'

Had a blast filming The Kaiser's in Leeds.